The Spanish saying says: ‘If you haven’t  seen Seville, you have seen nothing‘ (‘Quien no ha visto Sevilla, no ha visto maravilla’). The capital of Andalucia, Seville, is the fourth biggest city in Spain with more than 660 thousand inhabitants. The river Guadalquivir flows through the city and 85 km later enters the Atlantic. It is also the capital of  the Spanish flamenco and corrida.

Seville is well known for its spiritual life. The Semana Santa commemorates the Passion and is characterized by slow and lengthy processions that date from the first half of the sixteenth century. Right after the Easter, one-week Feria de Abril commences in the city.

Top 5 cultural attractions in Seville

1. Plaza de Espana – massive plaza, close to the centre of Seville, boasting beautiful architecture. Once you get there, you will be able to enjoy a ‘virtual tour’ around all the provinces of Spain. Each province is represented by a separate alcove, an elaborate and beautiful ceramic tile work.

2. Alcazar gardens – extensive and well-designed and very well-mainained garden complex which enjoys massive popularity among tourists visiting Seville. Orange groves, labyrinth made of cypress, beautiful fountains. If you liked Granada’s Alhambra, you will surely love this place. Did you know that the ninth episode in the 5th series of ‘Game of Thrones’ was filmed there? The entrance fee is 9 euros.

3. Cathedral – the largest Gothic cathedral in the world is definitely a must-see. Looks impressive both outside and inside. First have a walk around the building to realize how unbelievably huge the cathedral is. Once you are inside, you will be able to admire beautiful paintings, sculptures and lots of other amazing artwork. There is a Cristopher Columbus tomb inside as well. The entrance fee is 9 euros.

4. Giralda Tower – symbol of Seville. It’s tedious 37 floors to get to the top, but the amazing 360 degrees panoramic views of Seville from the top are a perfect reward. Definitely not recommended if you have fear of heights! The Cathedral entrance fee includes Girlada Tower as well.

5. Italica – Roman ruins near Seville. Italica was one of the oldest Roma settlements on the Iberian peninsula. The ruins date back to 200 BC. Two Roman emperors were born here – Trajan and Hadrian. Today, it is archaeological site in a small town of Santiponce, located 10 km from the centre of Seville. If you don’t have a car, you can get there easily from the bus station, or take a cab anywhere in Seville, but be prepared to pay up to 30 Euros.  The impressive amphitheatre and well-preserved mosaics floors are the main highlights of this huge site.

Beautiful tilework found in Seville

Beautiful tilework found in Seville

One of the Province Alcoves on Plaza de España

One of the Province Alcoves on Plaza de España

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