Best water sports in Andalucia

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Best windsurfing in Andalucia

Spain is definitely the best country in Europe for windsurfing. Thousands of kilometres of coastline, warm climate almost all year round and excellent winds statistics.  Have a look at our ranking of the best beaches for windsurfing in Spanish Andalucia. Top windsurfing spots on Costa de La Luz 1. Tarifa windsurfing - Playa de los Lances is one of the favourite spots for windsurfing in the Andalusian capital of water sports ...
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Best kayaking & canoeing

Top kayaking & canoeing places in Andalucia 1. Tarifa kayaking – Playa Chica (the Mediterranean part of Tarifa) as well as Valdevaqueros-Punta Paloma route are the top two places for kayaking on Costa de la Luz region. There is a surf ski company operating in Tarifa (sit on top type of kayak), Epic Surfski Centre. 2. Algeciras kayaking – starting point Getares beach in Algeciras and the finishing point Punta Carnero, very popular ...
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Best kitesurfing in Andalucia

Kitesurfing is a high adrenaline sport that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. More and more young people take up kitesurfing because it’s actually quite simple to learn, much easier than windsurfing for example, and does not require a great level of fitness. Spanish Costa de la Luz is a top destination for kitesurfers from all over the Europe, all year round. The best kitesurfing season on Costa ...
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Best canyoning Costa del Sol

Make your way down the canyons, gorges, waterfalls by jumping, splashing in the water, swimming, climbing, crawling and sliding! Get out into nature, marvel at stunning scenery while you manoeuvre through various natural obstacles. Canyoning is an increasingly popular activity all around the world and Andalucia provides excellent conditions to indulge in this exhilarating fun and adrenaline-inciting activity. Big mountains, hills, different rock formations, numerous streams and small rivers and ...
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