Cadiz, one of the oldest cities not only in Spain but also in Europe, is first of all a perfect choice for anyone seeking cultural pleasures. You would be surprised to know the history written in the walls of Cadiz. For example, it was from this ancient Atlantic port that Cristopher Colmbus set sail from Cadiz on his second voyage.

Despite all the marvels and treasures hidden in the mystique centre of Cadiz, not a great deal of tourists can be found here. That may be good if crowds put you off. One of the reasons behind Cadiz low tourist profile is it’s isolation. The city center is located on a peninsula which can be accessed from one direction only.

Top 3 reasons to visit Cadiz in autumn

  1. Fried fish with local sherry taste best in October and November
  2. The cultural charm of Cadiz is best admired after the city has cooled down after summer heat
  3. Festive atmosphere on the streets that lasts till the carnival in February
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Cadiz Cathedral