Bioparc,Fuengirola, spain, andalucia, andalusia, costa del solBioparc,Fuengirola, spain, andalucia, andalusia, costa del solBioparc,Fuengirola, spain, andalucia andalusia,, costa del sol

Located conveniently in the middle of Fuengirola, this popular stylish Bioparc is a family attraction that you cannot miss. This award winning zoo is one of the most popular attractions on the Costa del Sol.

Once you enter the park, you will see a giant baobab tree, the icon of the zoo. All the state of the art enclosures are within a short walking distance of the tree, all well designed and interconnected.  The designers have put a lot of thought in building the Bio Park! Usually, it takes between one and half hour and two hours to see everything that Bio Park Funegirola has to offer.

The top attraction of the Bio Park is definitely the Sumatran Tiger Enclosure. It’s possible to have a close view of the tiger through a glass barrier. There are four main sections of the park:

Madagascar, Equatorial Africa, Southeast Asia and the unique Indo-Pacific region. Chimpanzee, Northern white-cheeked gibbon, binturong, chevrotain, gorilla, leopard, orang-utan, red river hog and Malayan tapir are some of the most popular inhabitants of the Funegirola’s Bio Park.

Bioparc Fuengirola – nearest destinations: Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Torremolinos.