Gibraltar is one of the most popular one-day or weekend destinations in Andalucia, although strictly speaking it does not really belong to it. Whether from inland Spain, on one of the large cruise ships or by plane from Great Britain, tourists flock everyday to see The Rock and all the attractions that it offers. What comes up to mind first when thinking of the popular Gib is the cable car with it’s famous mischievous Barbary Apes on top of the Rock, duty-free shopping on the Main Street or sensational views of the coast of North Africa enjoyed from Europa Point, the southernmost point of the enclave. However, there is much more to Gibraltar than this.

Top 3 reasons to visit Gibraltar in autumn

1. In summer Gibraltar can get overcrowded with tourists and there are some daunting queues on the Spain-Gib border. In autumn it’s definitely less crowdy and still pleasantly warm and dry most of the time.
2. Autumn is a great time to observe the migrating birds on the Rock
3. Annual Gibraltar Music Festival in the first half of September.
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GIbraltar as seen from the Rock