Aventura Amazonia


Aventura Amazonia is an exciting climbing park located just outside of Marbella, only half kilometre from the Costa del Sol beaches of Elviria. Aventura Amazonia is the largest adventure park in Andalusia It’s an ideal place for a moderate adrenaline rush for you and your kids!

Aventura Amazonia is built in the tree tops of a pine forest located behind a commercial centre. Overall, inside the park you will find numerous adventure routes with 83 different challenges, 20 zip-wires, various ladders, bridges and other adrenaline-inducing attractions.One of the zip-lines is nearly 240 long! It’s probably the longest tree top zip-wire in Andalusia.

There are different tracks available on different levels of difficulty. The course is suitable for young kids and adults, for people of different sizes and ages, for absolute amateurs and for those who come with some experience. Although you might sometimes climb to dizzying heights, everything is absolutely safe in Aventura Amazonia. You always have the highest technology safety equipment clipped around you which makes it impossible to fall.

Firstly, there is a Mini-kids zone suitable for 4-7 year old, the Kids zone for young children, the more challenging Explorador with an average height of 2.8 meters and finally the most advanced Jungla, Aventura and Deportivo circuits suitable for adults.

Aventura Amazonia – nearest destinations: Marbella, Benahavis .