Conil de la Frontera

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Spanish beach paradise

Conil de la Frontera is a popular beach resort located on Costa del la Luz, 35 kilometers east of Cadiz. Conil’s greatest appeal lies in more than 14 kilometres of magnificent vast beaches, characterised by beautiful sheltered coves, boasting crystal clear water and delicate golden sand. Other attractions of Conil include a lovely sea promenade, beautiful cobbled streets in the idyllic white town centre and the main square with some excellent restaurants and the nearby the Guzman tower.

Sunbathing, strolling, hiking, snorkelling, swimming, surfing – the versatile coastaline of Coast of the Light near Conil is perfect for anyone. The beaches of Conil are ideal for quiet summer family holidays, for beach & fun holidays with friends as well as for surfing holidays. Conil is very popular among Spanish holidaymakers. It remains very quiet most of the time, but as summer kicks into gear the town centre is bustling with activity. If sea, sun and sand is what you are looking for, book your holidays in Spanish Conil.

Best beaches in Conil de la Frontera

La Fontanilla – very close to the centre, very long beach, very popular among families, with some good beach bars and restaurants, well equipped with beach facilities (sun loungers, toilets, showers changing rooms etc.).


Los Bateles beach – another popular beach, beautifully located where the Río Salado flows into the sea, loved by the locals, especially families with kids, abounds in bars and restaurants, lots of waterfront accommodation available.


Roche beach – very clean, about 5 kms from the centre, northern-most beach in Conil, probably least-crowded beach, plenty of parking place in different parts of the beach, large waves make it also a great surfing beach, only a few bars close to the beach.



Castilnovo beach – 2 kilometre long most southern rural beach, only a few people come here, no direct parking space so can be difficult to access, great for kitesurfers and windsurfers alike. PARKINH HINT: park the car on C/Boqueron and cross the bridge to access the beach quickly. Castilnovo beach borders with El Palmar beach which belongs to Vejer the la Frontera.


Fuente del Gallo beach – located in northern parts of Conil, because of the strong winds recommended to windsurfers and surfers, no infrastructure. At high tide the Atlantic covers almost the whole beach, which you may enjoy or you may not. Great views from the cliffs that surround the beach and greta sunsets!



Cala de Aceite – peaceful small beach near the Conil fishing port, located in a spectacular spot with cliff stairs leading down to the beach, probably the most beautiful beach in Conil, popular among nudists, no infrastructure. The northern stretch of coastline from Fuente del Gallo beach to Roche beach abounds in small naturist bays and coves. Cala de Aceite is the biggest and most spectacular of them all.


Conil de la Frontera – nearest destinations: Cadiz, Vejer de la Frontera, Barbate.

Closest airport: Jerez de la Frontera.


DSCFDSCFGOPRTop ranked Bolonia beach DSCF

Large bay with shallow warm water, perfect white sand, the opportunity to run down the sand dunes, one of the largest in Europe. Your kids will fall in love with the Bolonia beach!

There is something for adults as well. First of all, there is plenty of free parking space, a couple of nice restaurants with a splendid view of the beach. Roman Ruins of Baelo Claudio are in a walking distance from the beach .

Bolonia – nearest destinations: Tarifa, Zahara de los Atunes



Tuna kingdom and nature parks

barbate_TEXT_400x630Endless white beaches, great fish restaurants, delightful peacefulness. If this sounds appealing to you read on, holidays in Barbate might be just what you are looking for.

Barbate is a fishing village on Costa de la Luz sandwiched between Zahara de los Atunes and Vejer de la Frontera.  The town boasts 25 kilometres of beautiful coastline perfect for summer holidaymakers.

In the Barbate centre you will find an impressive fishing harbour, Museum of Tuna and a line of fine fish restaurants running along the Paseo Maritimo. In the northern outskirts of Barbate, there is a nature park with distinctive pine forests, spectacular cliffs and sand dunes. You will find here some nice walking paths, for example Sendero Torre del Tajo with great panoramic views of Barbate. In the nearby Los Canos de Meca village you will find spectacular barbate_la_brena_natural_pak_630x400El Faro de Trafalgar lighthouse in front of which the famous Battle of Trafalgar took place in 1805.

Barbate is recommended for summer family holidays as well as for beach and fun holidays with a group of friends.Barbate is a popular summer destination for the Spanish, only a few international tourists come here.

Popular beaches in Barbate

barbate_el_carmen_beach_630x400El Carmen – urban beach in front of Paseo Maritimo, very wide, with some sports facilities on the beach, can be quite busy in summer, but there is always plenty of space for everyone.

Hierbabuena beach – 950-metre long, on the outskirts of Barbate, located between the fishing harbour and the nature park, quite popular among surfers and divers, only a few people come here

Playa Botero – beautiful rural beach that goesbarbate_beach_hierbabuena1_630x400 from the river mouth in the direction of Zahara for nearly 9 kilometres.

Barbate is recommended for summer family holidays as well as for beach and fun holidays with a group of friends. Barbate is a popular summer destination for the Spanish, very few international tourists come here.

Barbate – nearest destinations: Zahara de los Atunes, Conil de la Frontera, Vejer de la Frontera.barbate-cliffs_in_la_brena_natural_park_630x400

Nearest aiport: Jerez de la Frontera.

Zahara de los Atunes

Zahara Zahara offers kilometresof great beachesBeach, Zahara de los Atunes, spain, andalucia, costa de la luzZahara Atlanterra beach in ZaharaZahara de los Atunes Zahara river

Idyllic tranquil and unspoilt

Zahara_TEXT_630x400Sun, sea and one of the loveliest beaches on Costa de la Luz. Zahara de los Atunes is one the best destinations for lazy, quiet family holidays on the Atlantic coastline of Andalucia. Also recommended for romantic getaway!

The tranquil village of Zahara boasts a sensational unspoilt wide beach. Soft golden sand stretches for nearly 20 kilometres providing plenty of space for all beach goers. Even in peak season, the place in never overcrowded. Unlike many beaches on Costa del Sol where the waters can get colder depending on the wind, sea bathing is pleasurable in Zahra all summer long. The waters are shallow and crystal-clear.

Zahara_local_church_630x400Zahara is renowned for its high quality seafood. The fish restaurants, both in the city and near the beach, serve the best of fresh fish on Costa de la Luz. Best Andalucia recommends trying all tuna dishes which are superb. After all, Zahara is called the “tuna capital of Spain.”

Iconic views of Costa de la Luz

If you are a keen photographer, make sure to get to the top of Pueblo Atlanterra which lies on the hillside in the southern part of Zahara. You will be rewarded with breath-taking panoramic views of Costa de la Luz from Zahara to the cliffs in Barbate.

Zahara de los Atunes – nearest destinations: Tarifa, Cadiz

Vejer de la Frontera


Vejer de la Frontera is one of the most attractive white villages in Andalucia, situated about eight kilometres inland off the road which runs alongside Costa de la Luz, from Cadiz to Tarifa. This spectacularly located small village perches on a hill top, high above the surrounding countryside and the River Barbate, offering stunning panoramic views of the sunny coast.

Vejer_TEXT_400x630The main tourist attraction of Vejer is the old Moorish castle and the 14th century Renaissance church Iglesia de la Concepcion. Tourists visiting Vejer can also enjoy a peaceful stroll in the atmospheric maze of narrow winding streets, go shopping for local crafts and souvenirs,or take advantage of the excellent restaurant on the colourful Plaza de Espana.

Vejer_local-Castle_630x400It’a good idea to combine the trip to Vejer with a visit to one of the nearby beach resorts.The amazing Bolonia beach with the remains of an ancient Roman town is located only half an hour drive from Vejer. If you are on summer family holidays on Costa de la Luz, make sure to make a visit to Vejer de la Frontera on a cool summer evening. Another good time to visit Vejer is spring when orange trees are blossoming and the high temperatures of summer are gone.


Nearest destinations: Barbate, Conil de la Frontera, Bolonia


Los Lances, beach, Tarifa, Andalusia, spain, espanaDSCFDSCFDSCFDSCF XIMGIMG

The European capital of windsurfing is a top destination for active people. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, you can do this and much more in this small coastal town. Tarifa, the southernmost point of Europe, is also the where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Poniente and Levante, two different winds in Tarifa,  provide unique conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing almost all year round. However, the best wind surfing conditions are in July, August and September.

The urban beach of Tarifa city is called Playa Los Lances. It’s very wide and enjoyable and in close distance to the numerous waterfront buildings. Valderama and Punta Paloma,  the virgin beaches neighbouring Tarifa to the west, are also worth a special credit. Those unspoilt beaches, boasting white sand and crystal clear water, stretch for more than 10 km. If you seek privacy and getting close to the nature, go no further. Valderama boasts some great sand dunes which can be climbed easily.

With all the great active people from all over the Europe, the night life in Tarifa can be very intensive, especially in summer.

Tarifa – nearest destinations: Zahara de los AtunesGibraltar


IMGGOPRGOPRIMGbeach, El Portil, andalucia, spain, costa de la luzIMGIMG

Huelva is a city located in the west of Andalusia, along the Gulf of Cadiz coast. The centre of Huleva offers little in terms of cultural and architectural pleasures. Most of the monuments in Huelva were destroyed in a powerful earthquake that shook the city in 1755. Palaces, churches, towers turned to rubble. A couple of nice churches, a Moorish castle Castillo de Niebla or a Monument to Christopher Columbus are the major highlights of the city today. It is worth to visit some good restaurants in the centre of Huelva to taste what Huelva is famous for: prawns and white wine Condado de Huelva. The Huelva region is also famous for tourist attractions related to the ‘discoverer of America.’

Wide, long, almost virgin beaches with dunes and pines, perfect to escape the crowds, that’s what majority of tourists appreciate about the Huelva region the most. Probably the best beach east of Huelva, and a top-ranked attraction of the region, is Cuesta Maneli. It takes some time to get there but the breath-taking views of the coastline and the feeling of being completely cut off from the world is a reward you would certainly appreciate.

West of Huelva there are three unspoilt by tourism charming towns. Uniquely beautiful El Rompido near Cartaya sitting on the Rio Piedras river estuary, neighbouring  El Portil boasting long stretches of virgin beaches and beautiful Isla Cristina – just stone’s throw from the Portuguese border. All three are perfect destinations for family holidays. In addition to this El Rompido is a real golfing hotspot boasting sensational golf course.

These tranquil coastline resorts abound in green pine forests with various walking paths that cut through dunes, marshes and river deltas. The Atlantic breeze mixes here with pine forest aroma allowing you to enjoy most fresh and pure air. The fine beaches in this area are empty most of the year, never crowded in the summer and easily accessible from the road running just along the coast.

Another advantage of visiting Huelva is it’s proximity to Portugal. One hour drive allows you to reach the beautiful Portuguese Albufeira or Faro.

Huelva is recommended for long summer beach escape, especially for those who want to combine their holidays with a trip to Portugal, or for those who want to follow the Columbus trail.


Located Near Huelva, the magical La Rabida monastery will take you back to the times when Cristoper Columbus was preparing for his first voyage. The old small rooms of the monastery museum are filled with various objects and works of art that bear some relation to the Columbus trip. Among the beautiful botanical gardens surrounding the monastery, you will find a statue of Columbus as well. Nearby the monsatery, lies the Muelle de las Carabelas (Harbour of the Caravels), the wharf from which Columbus ships in 1492 set sail towards the unknown to eventually discover the New World. To celebrate the 500th anniversary of America’s discovery, the three full-size replicas of Colombus ships have been built and moored on an artificial lake. The Niña,  The Pinta and The Santa María now serve as a major tourist attraction.

 Huelva – nearest destinations: Seville, Cadiz, Aracena

Best kitesurfing in Andalucia

kitesurfing, Playa de Valdevaqueros, Tarifa, spain, espanakitesurfing, Playa de Valdevaqueros, Tarifa, spain, espanaDSCFkitesurfing, Los Lances, beach, Tarifa, spain, espanakitesurfing, Los Lances, beach, Tarifa, spain, espana

Kitesurfing is a high adrenaline sport that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. More and more young people take up kitesurfing because it’s actually quite simple to learn, much easier than windsurfing for example, and does not require a great level of fitness.

Spanish Costa de la Luz is a top destination for kitesurfers from all over the Europe, all year round. The best kitesurfing season on Costa de la Luz is June, July, August, September and October.

The amazing beaches of Tarifa, which look as if custom-made for kitesurfing, have become the most popular spot for kitesurfers. With around 30 kitesurfing schools, plenty of sports shops where you can buy all the equipment and outfits for kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing, Tarifa has recently turned into a real international water sports centre.

Best kitesurfing destinations on Costa de la Luz

DSCF2144_630x4001. TARIFA – the Surfing Capital of Europe or the Wind Capital of Europe as it is called, provides some of the best conditions for kitesurfing in the world, best beaches: Los Lances and the Valdevaqeuros beach

2. BARBATE – Los Canos de Meca west of Barbate is the most popular beach there

3. CHICLANA south of Cadiz – two recommended spots: Playa De Sancti-Petri, Playa de la Barrosa

4. PUERTO DE SANTA MARIA north of Cadiz – Fuentebravia beach

5. EL PALMAR, small village between Conil de la Frontera and Barbate – local beach

6. BOLONIA – Ensenada de Bolonia

Costa del Sol tends to be underestimated when it comes to kitesurfing, because the conditions are not as reliable as on the Atlantic coast between Tarifa and Cadiz, but there are some really good spots there as well.

Popular kitesurfing spots on Costa del Sol

1. MALAGA – the best conditions can be found at Malagueta beach

2. TORREMOLINOS – Playamar and Los Alamos, which is the official kite zone, are the best sports there

3. CABO PINO located between Malaga and Marbella – local beach

4. ELVIRIA near Marbella – local beach

5. ESTEPONA – La Rada beach is quite popular among kitesurfers

6. MARBELLA – Los Monteros is the best kite beach

In general, there are three very popular kitesurfing regions in Europe: the Spanish-Portuguese coast starting in Tarifa and ending in Lisbon, the Atlantic coast in French Aquitaine and the Basque Country and, thirdly, Cornwall, the westernmost part of Great Britain. Have a look at our ranking of the best kitesurfing destinations in Europe.

Best kitesurfing spots in Europe










Best beaches on Costa de la Luz

Costa de la Luz is widely considered the best holiday coast on the Iberian Peninsula. Wide beaches set in unspoilt countryside. Never overcrowded with soft golden sand and shallow crystal-clear waters. Affordable and quiet seaside hotels and holiday houses… If you don’t mind lack of fancy restaurants and shops of Costa del Sol or won’t miss full English breakfasts, you will fall in love with Costa de la Luz!

From time to time this idyllic vision of Costa de la Luz can be somewhat spoilt by excessive wind which makes sand get into your eyes when you lie flat on a beach towel, but, then again, the wind also makes Costa de la Luz the favourite destination for kitesurfers and windsurfers in Europe.

Costa de la Luz can be divided in three parts. The eastern region west of Tarifa, the middle Cadiz region and the most remote eastern Huelva region, up to Algarve in Portugal. We have prepared a separate ranking of the best beaches for regular beach goers for each region. Have a look at the most recommended beaches in the part of the Coast of the Light where you have booked your holidays!

Most popular beaches close to Tarifa

1. Bolonia Beach – once you leave the highway, it takes around 7 km to get to the beach, but the great time you are going to have in Bolonia is well worth the effort. The shallow waters in the large Bolonia bay make it an ideal destination for family holidays. In the quite northern part of the beach there is a 30 metre high famous sand dune surrounded by pine forest – get to the top to enjoy great views of the beach! Just next to the beach there is Baelo Claudia, the remains of a Roman fish-salting factory.

Top ranked Bolonia beach

The sunny bay of Bolonia

2. Los Lances beach in Tarifa – most popular in Tarifa. Long family-friendly beach located in the northern part of the city between the small Chica beach and Rio Jara beach where the river enters the sea. Starting point of the Atlantic. Next to the kite surfing hot spot. Great for long family walks, great for sunbathing. Great crystal clear water.

Los Lances, beach, Tarifa, Andalusia, spain, espana

Los Lances beach in Tarifa

3. Punta Paloma beach near Tarifa – located to the east of the famous surfing and kite surfing Valdevaqueros beach. Punta Paloma can be divided into two parts. The eastern more popular wider part features sand dunes. The western part of Punta Paloma is a secluded and narrow beach strip that ends at Arroyo de los Puercos. The only two ways to reach the strip is either a 20 min walk from the Punta Paloma parking or through a sandy pine forest. This narrow part offers loads of privacy, as it’s hidden behind steep bushy hills which often guard you not only from behind, but also from the left and right. For this reason, it is quite popular among nudists.

Playa Punta Paloma

Playa Punta Paloma

4. Zahara de los Atunes, local beach – from the centre of Zahara you can access a fantastic wide 6 km long local beach. It’s never crowdy, even in peak season when people from inland Spain flock to the coast to seek relief from the heat. Zahara beach boasts some great fish restaurants and nice bars around. The water is mostly shallow – ideal for water fun, or snorkelling. There is a camping site nearby as well.

Beach, Zahara de los Atunes, spain, andalucia, costa de la luz

Wide beach in Zahara de los Atunes

Most popular beaches close to Cadiz

1. El Palmar beach near Conil de la Frontera and Vejer de la Frontera – one of the most popular beaches on Costa de la Luz, massive beach, 8 km long and 50 metre wide, with really warm water most of the summer, becouse of it’s size and the fact that it is not located directly in Conil it’s never overcrowded, even on summer weekends. The water is really shallow, therefore recommended for kids.

El Palmar beach

El Palmar beach

2. La Fontanilla beach in Conil de la Frontera – popular family beach in Conil, very close to the town centre, safe and well quipped beach with sun loungers, showers, toilets, lifeguards and red cross. The La Fontanilla beach turns is directly connected with another popular family beach Los Bateles

La Fontanilla beach

La Fontanilla beach

3. Zahora beach near Barbate – nice beach with great views of the Cape Trafalgar, one of the warmest waters in the area – the water is shallow and the waves low, difficult to access the beach by car which makes the beach perfect for those seeking tranquillity.

Zahora beach

Zahora beach seen from the Cape Trafalgar

4. Los Canos de Meca, local beach, close to Barbate and Vejer de la Frontera – beach in a small sleepy village, beach sheltered by cliffs where the village is perched, never overcrowded, close to the famous CapeTrafalgar, camp sites available there, located 10-12 km off the main A48 road.


5. Cortadura beach, Cadiz suburbs– located at the entrance to Cadiz, the biggest beach in Cadiz, the only virgin beach in the city – 3900 meters long and about 60 meters wide, the characteristic feature of the beach is a long line of dunes that separates the beach from the road, there is a car parking available along the beach

6. Caleta beach in Cadiz – small size beach, the only beach in Old Cadiz, therefore, very popular in summer, nice views of Cadiz, especially during sunsets, shallow water, all the best restaurants and bars just across the street.

Cadiz beach

Cadiz beach

Most popular beaches close to Huelva

1. Isla Cristina beaches near Huelva – west of Huelva, lots of water all around you as if you were on an island, 12 kms of nicest beaches in Huelva, excellent sea food restaurants nearby, great atmosphere in summer, this popular summer destination can get sometimes overcrowded on summer weekends

2. Beaches between El Portil and Punta Umbria, near Huelva – west of Huelva, miles-long stretches of somewhat secluded beaches conveniently located along the A-5052 road

beach, El Portil, andalucia, spain, costa de la luz

Long beach in El Portil

3. Rompeculos beach near Huelva – east of Huelva, very wide 3 km long beach, beautiful countryside and nature around, close to the Donana natural Park; Rompeculos is close to the famous Cuesta Maneli beach which is equally beautiful, however, it is difficult to quickly access Cuesta Maneli on foot.

Rompeculos, beach, near Huelva, andalucia, spain, costa de la luz

Rompeculos beach near Huelva

4. La Costilla beach in Rota – the most popular beach in Rota which tends to be a little be overcrowded in summer, lots of restaurants and bars located just next to the beach, very high standards including sun loungers, peddle boats, showers or changing rooms

5. El Rompidillo beach in Rota – the main beach in the city running alongside the town, clean and well taken care of beach, beautiful promenade

6. Pierdas Gordas beach in Rota – 2 km long, not many beach-goers can be found there, nice sand dunes and pine trees around.