Orchidarium in Estepona

Opened to the public in 2015, the new Parque Botánico-Orquidario is located in the centre of Estepona, in the new central park. Covering more than 1,000 square metres, the modern building with prominent glass domes attracts the attention of people strolling down the Calle Terraza.

Orchidarium in Estepona

Estepona’s Orchidarium boasts more than 1500 varieties of Orchids – it’s the largest collection in Europe. In the centre of the vast plants exhibition there are three huge waterfalls which make you feel as if you were in a real rainforest! Stand on wooden bridge just in front of them to enjoy the refreshing coolness of the intense vapour – best appreciated in summer. There is also nice bamboo forest and other rare subtropical species of plants spread across two floors of the Orchidarium. must see for the flower enthusiasts! The entrance for adults is 3 euros. Remember that the Orchidarium is closed on Mondays.

Orchidarium in Estepona


Rio Chillar in Nerja

Must-do in summer

Rio Chillar, the chill-out river, is located just five minutes’ drive from the Nerja centre, at the Sierras de Tejeda mountains. It’s a very popular spot for Spanish families. Both kids and grown-ups can enjoy fantastic walk full of splashing in the crystal clear water.


Step by step

The route down the river starts very inconspicuously as initially the water barely covers your feet. On the sides of the river bed you will see some bushes, rocks and trees. Nothing spectacular. After 20 minutes of walking, the landscape gradually changes. The river enters a narrow gorge and the water starts to get slightly deeper, but don’t worry, in most places it should never reach your knees. The high cliffs provide plenty of shade, making the walk really enjoyable for everyone.
And that’s when the real fun starts! Jumping and splashing around, dipping in one of the several natural pools formed by the river, sitting underneath a waterfall – all these irresistible attractions can be found in Rio Chillar. Your kids will burn all their energy in no time. It takes around 3-4 hours to complete the whole route. However, you don’t need to reach the very end of the river to experience all the joys of Rio Chillar. Enjoy!

Rio Chillar2_400x630

Tips for the trip

A good pair of shoes is recommended as there will be lots of slippery pebbles and rocks under your feet most of the time. If you haven’t got anything suitable, visit a good sports shop with a wide range of light water shoes. During summer weekends Rio Chillar can get a bit busy, try to avoid that time. However, arriving in the morning can be a a good way of avoiding the crowds. Never visit Rio Chillar right after intense rainfall or when there is a forecast of rain as heavy rain causes water levels to rise very quickly.




Gibraltar,  uk, united kingdom, the rock, costa del Sol, Europe, Andalucia, andalusiaGibraltar, uk, united kingdom, the rock, monkey, sea, mediterranean, ships, spain, andalusia, andalucia, costa del sol, EuropeEuropa Point, Lighthouse, Gibraltar, Europe,  uk, united kingdom, the rock,Mosque, Two Holy Custodians, Gibraltar,  uk, united kingdom, the rock,Gibraltar, uk, united kingdom, the rock, sea, mediterranean,  andalusia, andalucia, costa del sol, EuropeGibraltar, uk, united kingdom, the rock, sea, mediterranean,  andalusia, andalucia, costa del sol, EuropeGibraltar, uk, united kingdom, the rock, sea, mediterranean,  andalusia, andalucia, costa del sol, EuropeGibraltar Rock, andalusia, andalucia, costa del sol, Europe

Gibraltar is one of the most popular one-day or weekend destinations in Andalucia, although strictly speaking it does not really belong to it. Whether from inland Spain, on one of the large cruise ships or by plane from Great Britain, tourists flock everyday to see The Rock and all the attractions that it offers. What comes up to mind first when thinking of the popular Gib is the cable car with it’s famous mischievous Barbary Apes on top of the Rock, duty-free shopping on the Main Street or sensational views of the coast of North Africa enjoyed from Europa Point, the southernmost point of the enclave. However, there is much more to Gibraltar than this.

DSCF2292_630x400The famous British overseas territory holds a great number of attractions, despite covering just 6.8 km2. World War II tunnels, the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, the famous St Michael’s Cave, the hiking challenge of  the picturesque Mediterranean Steps, Dolphin Watching boat trips or a series of top quality restaurant and pubs located along the Ocean Village quayside overlooking the marina. To explore all the great places that Gib has to offer, would take you at least a week!DSCF2285_630x400

Gibraltar is also a good starting point to embark on a trip to Morocco. Tangier Med ferry crosses three times a week and recently flights from Gibraltar to Marrakesh have also been launched.

If you want to get to Gibraltar from the UK, by far the easiest way are regular flights from London, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol (since spring 2015).

Gibraltar – nearest destinations: Alcaidesa, Castellar de la Frontera



IMGBioparc,Fuengirola, spain, andalucia, andalusia, costa del solBioparc,Fuengirola, spain, andalucia, andalusia, costa del solBioparc,Fuengirola, spain, andalucia andalusia,, costa del solIMG

Fuengirola is a nice holiday resort located just 15 minutes drive from Malaga airport. It’a perfect summer desitnation for everyone: families, couples or singles. Funegoriola boasts some of the best beaches in the area, beautiful yacht-filled marina, good range of restaurants including many British and some good value for money hotels.

Fuengirola is a good choice if you want explore Costa del Sol. The town is conveniently located close both to motorway and coastal roads, so that you can get to the nearby Marbella, Mijas or Benalmadena in a matter of minutes. Popular coastal train service also runs from Malaga through Torremolinos and Benalmadena to Fuengirola. But there is no shortage of top-quality attractions in Fuengirola itself. Lovely Castle of Sohail on a hill overlooking the sea, Bioparc Fuengirola with wild animals, large water park and more.

If you are a keen golfer, Fuengirola can be a perfect starting point to discover and explore Costa del Golf. Fuengirola is surrounded by numeorus quality golf courses: inland from the town, in the direction of Marbella, and on the coastal road to Malaga.

Fuengirola – nearest destinations: Marbella, Benalmadena



Ship in the roundabout in Estepona

Ship in the roundabout in Estepona

Estepona is a small idyllic town on Costa del Sol. It’s conveniently located half an hour drive both from Gibraltar and Marbella. This peaceful city is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Bermeja Mountains which guard Estepona from rough weather ensuring more than 320 sunny days per year.

Estepona boasts very pleaseant and well taken care of beachfront, quite close to the city centre. There is a pretty promenade lined wih palm trees and flowers, outdoor gym-fitness parks, a cycling alley, fountains and more attractions. The picturesque small bay of Playa el Christo is especially popular among families with small kids. This south facing beach with reallu shallow waters and golden sand enjoys sunshine nearly all day in summer months.

Popular El Cristo beach

Popular El Cristo beach

Estepona’s maze of streets, plazas and patios is filled with all the attractions of traditional Spanish town yet with a delicate modern international touch. One of the streets in the centre leads to the beautiful Orchidarium, a must see for flower enthuasiasts. The town also boasts an amazing collection of wall murals. Nice evening bars, restaurants with seafood, chirignuitos, clubs, or fish markets are abundand in Estepona, but you won’t find here commercial centres of colourful nighclubs.

Beachfront playground near the centre of Estepona

Beachfront playground near the centre of Estepona

Are you and your family looking for a quiet place for lazy summer holidays on Costa del Sol? If the answer is ‘Yes’, Estepona might be exactly what you are looking for. Booking accommodation in Estepona is a good choice, if you are planning golf holidays. There are a couple of courses near Estepona, or the nearby Sotogrande. Since Estepona is much closer to Gibraltar than to Malaga, flying to Gib might be the best choice.


Selwo Aventura in Estepona

Located at the entrance of Estepona, close to the main Costa del Sol road, there is the spectacular Selwo Aventura safari park. Selwo Aventura boasts more than 2000 animals from every corner of the world that live on a one million square meters site.

This popular Estepona family attraction boasts a Bird Canyon, home to rare and endangered species of birds, which is the largest natural aviary in Europe. The attractions are plentiful and varied. There is a “monkey island”, the Central Village full of large animals such as giraffes, elephants, rhinoceros and a lion, large enclosure with beautiful flamingos, amazing cave cave full of bats, the camel ride, face-painting, hanging bridges, zip line and much more!

Unlike many others safari parks and zoos, in Selwo Aventura you can get really close to the wildlife. You will surely notice small goats or peacocks roaming freely in the park. Moreover, the enclosures are large and the viewpoints located in a such a way to allow visitors approaching and observing the animals from different angles, and sometimes even to touch them.

Make sure to arrive early at Selwo Aventura, as it can take a whole day to visit the park. Take something to eat with you or buy a snack or meal in one of the restaurants inside. Selwo Aventura is a great idea for a one-day family adventure. Avoid visiting in the peak of summer, as the heat can be difficult to bear!

Estepona – nearest destinations: Sotogrande, Marbella




Sitio de Calahonda is a small popular tourist resort located along the coastal road from Marbella to Fuengirola. Calahonda is full of British and German tourists seeking excellent beaches, golf courses and active holidays.

The quiet Puerto Cabopino is a popular attraction in Sitio de Calahonda. It’s one of the most beautiful marinas on Costa del Sol. The nearby blue flag sandy Cabopino beach is one the most picturesque beaches on Costa del Sol.  It’s a perfect family beach with many waterfront restaurants.

Tennis courts, squash courts, padel courts, lawn bowls, swimming pools. Calahonda is also an ideal destination for active holidays as well. Within a short distance from the resort there are some great golf courses including Miraflores Golf Club, Calanova Golf Club,or Club del Golf el Chaparral.

Sitio de Calahonda is full of pine trees which add to the town’s charm and provide plenty of shade on sunny days.

 Calahonda – nearest destinations: Marbella, Fuengirola.



Teleferico in Benalmadena

Teleferico cable car in Benalmadena

Teleferico cable car in Benalmadena

If you want to enjoy the best panoramic views of Costa del Sol, the  Cable Car in Benalmadena is something you cannot miss. The 15-minute 3-km long cable car ride will take you the summit of Mount Calamorro, around 800 above sea level.

Once you are on the top, you will see several paths with rocky steps and handrails built around the top of the mountain. That’s how you will be able to access several viewing points with sensational panoramic views in all directions of Costa del Sol. Try to plan your ride on a clear, as you will be able to see much more in this way. You will even be able to see Gibraltar, Morocoo or the snowy range of Sierra Nevada!

Twice a day, usually around 1 p.m and 8 p.m., there is a birds of prey show on the top. Make sure you plan your visit around those times as the show is very interesting. You can get close to birds and you will also be able to hold one of the eagles and then get your photo taken. There is a small restaaourant and gifts shop on top of the mountain as well. If you are mountain biker, you will be able to take your bike to the top and go downhill.

To get the best value from your money, we recommend to buy a full Selwo ticket that includes all the three Selwo attractions: Teleferico Benalmadena, Selwo Marina in Benalmadena and Selwo Aventura near Estepona. The full Selwo Ticket is cheapest off season. In winter the full Selwo ticket for an adult costs as little as 30 Euros (as of 2014/15 season)! Another way to save up some money, is to get a 10% discount card from the tourist information centre in Benalmadena.


Selwo Marina

Selwo Marina in Benalmadena is the only dolphinarium in Andalusia. Out of the 11 dolphinariums in Spain, Selwo Marina is one of the most popular.

Multiple attractions await you in the Benalmadena’s dolphinarium. Altough Selwo Marina is small, each and every experience there is simply unforgettable.

The Dolphin Show, which takes place twice a day, combined with a Sea Lion show, is of course a must-see for everyone. The show includes, for example, fabulous dolphins performing elaborate synchronized swimming with their trainer and catapulting the trainer into the air so that he can perform a dive. Dolphins can perform amazing gymnastic moves themselves – jumps, flips, somersaults 20 feet above the water, easy work.

During the Exotic Birds exhibition, with beautiful parrots flying literally inches above your head, you will understand why parrots can have the intelligence of a 5 year old child.  Cockatoos, macaws and African grey parrot are the main actors there.  In the Isla de Hielo you will see a small colony of penguins’ awkwardly climbing the rocks, swimming as swift as an arrow and socializing with each other.

Amazonia is another section of Selwo Marina that causes amazement among the visitors. Cuban Boa, Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman, Poison Dart frog, Red-Bellied Piranhas or Tarantula are the main celebrities here. If you come during the feeding time, you will be able to see how piranhas relentlessly and quickly bite whole chunks of flesh thrown into the water!

To get the best value from your money, we recommend to buy a full Selwo ticket that includes all the three Selwo attractions: Teleferico Benalmadena, Selwo Marina in Benalmadena and Selwo Aventura near Estepona. The full Selwo Ticket is cheapest off season. In winter the full Selwo ticket for an adult costs as little as 30 Euros (as of 2014/15 season)!

Nearest to: Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Fuengirola.




Benalmadena is recommended as an ideal place for unforgettable family holidays, one of the best on Costa del Sol. Sandwiched between Torremolinos and Fuengirola, Benalmadena is a popular holiday resort located at the foot of the breathtaking Sierra de Mijas mountains.

Benalmadena offers a great number of fun and entertaining activities for the whole family. Whether you prefer to spend a day lounging on a beach or would rather spend be more active, you will surely be spoilt for choice in Benmaldena. There are fantastic children-friendly beaches, various theme parks and aquaparks. Got bored? Visit Benalmadena marina where you can admire some of the most luxurious yachts, or indulge in a mountain walk that rewards your effort with breath-taking views from 280 meters above sea level. You will be hard pressed to find a moment of boredom when you visit this beautiful coastal resort.

The options to spend a quality time with your family in Benalmadena are simply endless. Tivoli World amusement is Benalmadena’s must-see family holiday attraction. Forty rides in the amusement, a roller coaster, huge ferris wheel, go-karting will keep your kids out of breath. In the Sea Life Aquarium, another popular attraction, located in the marina, you can admire from close range a variety of different exotic fishes from every corner of the world as well as turtles, seahorses and what most visitors like the most, spine-chilling sharks. There are 9 rooms to explore with more than 30 tanks, so take your time to see everything. If you are not tired after all the excitement, visit Selwo Marina with dolphins, penguins, sea lions, piranhas, tarantulas, reptiles, turtles and much more interesting creatures. Here, you will have the unique opportunity to swim with a sea lion or swim with a dolphin. If you are on a low budget, make your way to the lovely Parque de la Paloma with free entrance, as it’s a public park. On 200,000 square meters, you will find all kinds of birds, turtles, ostriches, peacocks and other animals hiding in bushes as well. There is a big playground tgahat your kids will love.

If you want to escape the busy Benamadena centre, visit the much more peaceful Old Village, Pueblo, which lies on the top of the hill. It can be accessed on foot, by car or via an urban lift. Once your there, go to Benalmadena Buddhist shrine, admire beautiful Colomares castle, the local church, the largest in Europe butterfly park, as well as Plaza de Espana with some great places to eat and drink.

Last but not least, there is a Teleferico cable car which can take you to the top of the mountain. From where you can see Sierra Nevada, the distant Gibraltar, or if the day is clear enough, even the Moroccomountains! At 5:30 p.m. local time there is a falconry display at the top, you can’t miss it as well if you ever pay a visit to beautiful Benalmadena.

Benalmadena – nearest destinations: Fuengirola, Torremolinos



Benahavis, pueblo, blanco, spain, andalusia, andaluciaWhite, buidings, church, Benahavis, centre, pueblo, blanco, spain, andalusia, andaluciabenahavis, pueblo, blanco, spain, andalusia, andaluciabenahavis, pueblo, blanco, spain, andalusia, andaluciaWalking, path, benahavis, pueblo, blanco, spain, andalusia, andaluciaWalking, path, benahavis, pueblo, blanco, spain, andalusia, andalucia

IMG_4459_400c630Located in stunning scenery between Estepona and San Pedro Alcantara, tranquil Benahavis is a very popular rural retreat of the super rich. British actor Hugh Grant, rock star Rod Stewart as well as the Russian president Vladimir Putin all own summer homes in Benahavis. The town is nestled in the foothills of the rugged Serrania de Ronda Mountains offering breath-taking views of the Mediterranean and the Guadalmina River. Benahavis is surrounded by high, nearly vertical cliffs, amazing gorges and wild rivers.

Benahavis is a famous golfing hotspot as well.  It is home to nine amazing golf courses, which suit all levels of players, including La Zagaleta, Los Flamingos, Atalaya or the famous La Quinta, all with more than 18 holes. 320 sunny days a year allow golfers to play here all year round.[codepeople-post-map]

This little town is also famous for a wide selection of first-class restaurants and bars. In most places typically Spanish cuisine is served, however the enthusiasts of Indian curries, Italian food or French cuisine will also find some fine restaurants there. Benahavis is probably the best place to eat out on Costa del Sol.

Benahavis is also one of the best destinations for canyoning, travelling in canyons using variety of techniques such as walking, climbing, swimming and even jumping. GOPR2203_630x400Spectacular gorges and canyons, stunning water falls in Guadalmina River and Rio Verde provide excellent conditions for amazing canyoning adventure in Spanish Andalusia. Organized tours in safe environment and for different levels are available almost all year round. Summer is the best time for canyoning is Benahavis.

Benahavis is conveniently located seven kilometres inland of main coast road, only 10 minutes drive from the famous Marbella and Puerto Banus.

Benahavis – nearest destinations: Estepona, San Pedro Alcantara, Marbella