Gibraltar,  uk, united kingdom, the rock, costa del Sol, Europe, Andalucia, andalusiaGibraltar, uk, united kingdom, the rock, monkey, sea, mediterranean, ships, spain, andalusia, andalucia, costa del sol, EuropeEuropa Point, Lighthouse, Gibraltar, Europe,  uk, united kingdom, the rock,Mosque, Two Holy Custodians, Gibraltar,  uk, united kingdom, the rock,Gibraltar, uk, united kingdom, the rock, sea, mediterranean,  andalusia, andalucia, costa del sol, EuropeGibraltar, uk, united kingdom, the rock, sea, mediterranean,  andalusia, andalucia, costa del sol, EuropeGibraltar, uk, united kingdom, the rock, sea, mediterranean,  andalusia, andalucia, costa del sol, EuropeGibraltar Rock, andalusia, andalucia, costa del sol, Europe


Gibraltar is one of the most popular one-day or weekend destinations in Andalucia,

although strictly speaking it does not really belong to it. Whether from inland Spain, on one of the large cruise ships or by plane from Great Britain, tourists flock everyday to see The Rock and all the attractions that it offers. What comes up to mind first when thinking of the popular Gib is the cable car with it’s famous mischievous Barbary Apes on top of the Rock, duty-free shopping on the Main Street or sensational views of the coast of North Africa enjoyed from Europa Point, the southernmost point of the enclave. However, there is much more to Gibraltar than this.

DSCF2292_630x400The famous British overseas territory holds a great number of attractions, despite covering just 6.8 km2. World War II tunnels, the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, the famous St Michael’s Cave, the hiking challenge of  the picturesque Mediterranean Steps, Dolphin Watching boat trips or a series of top quality restaurant and pubs located along the Ocean Village quayside overlooking the marina. To explore all the great places that Gib has to offer, would take you at least a week!DSCF2285_630x400

Gibraltar is also a good starting point to embark on a trip to Morocco. Tangier Med ferry crosses three times a week and recently flights from Gibraltar to Marrakesh have also been launched.

If you want to get to Gibraltar from the UK, by far the easiest way are regular flights from London, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol (since spring 2015).

Gibraltar – nearest destinations: Alcaidesa, Castellar de la Frontera

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Selwo Aventura


Hanging bridge in Selwo

Hanging bridge in Selwo

Selwo Aventura is a unique wildlife adventure park located near Estepona, Spain. It boasts more than 200 exotic animal species from every continent. Two thousand semi-free roaming animals live on the area of more than 100 hectares!

Selwo Aventura offers a number of attractions. Cross 65-meter long hanging bridge, and then zip-line over the moneky-island lake. Enjoy a walk in the Europe’s largest aviary with 1000 birds of endangered and rare species living in an enclosed valley. Observe at close range zebras, giraffes, rhinos or hipos living in conditions similar to those of their natural habitat.

Parrots in Selwo

Parrots in Selwo


Selwo Aventura

Zebras in Selwo Aventura

Enter the Madagascar Territory and personally greet the cute family of ring-tailed lemurs that just love being active. Say ‘Hi’ to the mighty lion, king of all animals.

Selwo Aventura prepared some fun activities for kids as well: face painting, camel ride, falconry show, snakes exhibition, safari ride and a plenty of opportunities to interact with and fed many different animals. Go to Estepona and spend a whole day exploring the most popular Costa Del Sol theme park!

Hippos in Selwo Aventura

Hippos in Selwo Aventura