Best climbing in Andalucia

San Bartolo Crag, Tarifa, espana, climbingSan Bartolo Crag, Tarifa, espana, climbingGOPRDSCFGOPR

Rock climbing has exploded in popularity in recent years. The boom has also spread across Spanish Andalucia. This massive province, full of rugged limestone hills and mountains, is one of the best climbing areas in Europe. Most of the recommended spots are within 60 km from Malaga, so the capital of Costa del Sol might be a good base for the climbing holidays in Andalusia.

Recommended time for rock climbing in Andalucia is autumn and spring. Try to avoid summer as it can be really hot inland. Winter months can be a bit chilly. Have a look at our recommended spots for rock climbing.


Villanueva del Rosario area –  limestone rock paradise for climbers near the Arroyo de los Portillos, 85 metre height maximum, altitude 1000 m, home to the legendary Chilam Balam, 270 foot super route which is the second 9b in the world.. Other popular routes include Tajo de Madera, El Corral, Al Chamizo. 57 km from Malaga

1. EL Chorro gorge – stunning menacing limestone rock full of high-adrenaline climbing routes. Probably the most famous climbing site  in Spain. About 50 km inland from Malaga.

2. Desplomilandia – amazing collection of limestone rock, close to famous El Chorro near the beautiful lakes of Ardales. The climbing area is split into 8 separate sectors ranging from 200 m to 900 m. Desplomilandia faces north-west providing plenty of shade almost all day long during hot days. 90 km inland from Malaga.2.

3. Torcal de Antequera – unique and bizarre limestone labyrinth-like range that rises 500 – 600m out of the hillscape, 55 km inland from Malaga

4. Archidona – La Cueva – massive limestone cave with some impressive crags. This spot provides lots of challenging long climbing, definitely not for beginners. 56 km inland from Malaga.

5. St Anton de Pinares – popular limestone crags located on the eastern outskirts of Malaga. Divided into 8 areas. Maximum height 35 metres.

6. Valle de Abdalajis – situated close to El Chorro, friendly site conveniently located only 3 minutes walk from car parking, perfect for beginners and advanced climbers.

7. San Bartolo crag – relatively easy-to-climb sandstone 90 metre rock near the famous Bolonia beach, close to the surf capital Tarifa. It can be quite windy there. The spot is divided into two parts: Zona de Arriba and Tajo del Buho.