Teleferico in Benalmadena

Teleferico cable car in Benalmadena

Teleferico cable car in Benalmadena

If you want to enjoy the best panoramic views of Costa del Sol, the  Cable Car in Benalmadena is something you cannot miss. The 15-minute 3-km long cable car ride will take you the summit of Mount Calamorro, around 800 above sea level.

Once you are on the top, you will see several paths with rocky steps and handrails built around the top of the mountain. That’s how you will be able to access several viewing points with sensational panoramic views in all directions of Costa del Sol. Try to plan your ride on a clear, as you will be able to see much more in this way. You will even be able to see Gibraltar, Morocoo or the snowy range of Sierra Nevada!

Twice a day, usually around 1 p.m and 8 p.m., there is a birds of prey show on the top. Make sure you plan your visit around those times as the show is very interesting. You can get close to birds and you will also be able to hold one of the eagles and then get your photo taken. There is a small restaaourant and gifts shop on top of the mountain as well. If you are mountain biker, you will be able to take your bike to the top and go downhill.

To get the best value from your money, we recommend to buy a full Selwo ticket that includes all the three Selwo attractions: Teleferico Benalmadena, Selwo Marina in Benalmadena and Selwo Aventura near Estepona. The full Selwo Ticket is cheapest off season. In winter the full Selwo ticket for an adult costs as little as 30 Euros (as of 2014/15 season)! Another way to save up some money, is to get a 10% discount card from the tourist information centre in Benalmadena.

Selwo Marina

Selwo Marina in Benalmadena is the only dolphinarium in Andalusia. Out of the 11 dolphinariums in Spain, Selwo Marina is one of the most popular.

Multiple attractions await you in the Benalmadena’s dolphinarium. Altough Selwo Marina is small, each and every experience there is simply unforgettable.

The Dolphin Show, which takes place twice a day, combined with a Sea Lion show, is of course a must-see for everyone. The show includes, for example, fabulous dolphins performing elaborate synchronized swimming with their trainer and catapulting the trainer into the air so that he can perform a dive. Dolphins can perform amazing gymnastic moves themselves – jumps, flips, somersaults 20 feet above the water, easy work.

During the Exotic Birds exhibition, with beautiful parrots flying literally inches above your head, you will understand why parrots can have the intelligence of a 5 year old child.  Cockatoos, macaws and African grey parrot are the main actors there.  In the Isla de Hielo you will see a small colony of penguins’ awkwardly climbing the rocks, swimming as swift as an arrow and socializing with each other.

Amazonia is another section of Selwo Marina that causes amazement among the visitors. Cuban Boa, Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman, Poison Dart frog, Red-Bellied Piranhas or Tarantula are the main celebrities here. If you come during the feeding time, you will be able to see how piranhas relentlessly and quickly bite whole chunks of flesh thrown into the water!

To get the best value from your money, we recommend to buy a full Selwo ticket that includes all the three Selwo attractions: Teleferico Benalmadena, Selwo Marina in Benalmadena and Selwo Aventura near Estepona. The full Selwo Ticket is cheapest off season. In winter the full Selwo ticket for an adult costs as little as 30 Euros (as of 2014/15 season)!

Nearest to: Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Fuengirola.

Sea Life Aquarium

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Sea Life Aquarium, located just at the entrance to the wonderful Paseo Maritimo in Benalmadena, is a top attraction for family holidays. It’s the only marine life centre in Andalusia and well worth a visit.

There are more than thirty tanks in several rooms with all the fascinating creatures of the sea and ocean. Plus, there is a great underwater tunnel. With sharks and giant turtles swimming just above your head, you have the feeling that you are submerged in the ocean depths.

At the moment, the Sea Life Benalmadena boasts more than 2,000 creatures. Some of them scary, some bizarre, some beautiful and stunning. Japanese Spider Crab, Giant Pacific octopus, Green Turtle, Black Tip Reef Sharks and colourful seahorses are some of the most popular inhabitants of the magical Sea Life Aquarium. It takes around 1,5 hour to visit the whole Aquarium and if you are really interested to know more, read all the funny facts on the boards.

Other attractions of the Sea Life Aquarium include a gift shop as well where you will find a wide variety if quality ocean themed gifts and souvenirs not only for kids, but also for adults. There is a mini golf and a Seal life restaurant as well.

After you have finished visiting the Sea Life Aquarium, take advantage of the great waterfront restaurants housed in the long building that runs along the beautiful promenade.

Seal Life Benalmadena is a great idea for a fun family day in Benalmadena. Entry price for adults is approximately €16.


Best beaches on Costa del Sol


Buriana beach in Nerja

Great sunny weather more than 300 days a year. Fantastic sunrises over the Mediterranean nearly everyday. Wide range of excellent seafront hotels and apartments. Plenty of different bars, restaurants, snack bars as well as different recreational options. Good beach amenities. Lots of golf courses around. Good public transport. No wonder the beaches on Costa del Sol are a magnet for British holidaymakers and expats. Have a look at our list of the best beaches on the Spanish Coast of the Sun, from east to west.

Popular beaches on Spanish Costa del Sol

1. Playa del Cañuelo in Nerja – a real gem on Costa del Sol. This spectacular beach is located within the protected area of the national parkland which means you need to walk for about 1,5 km to reach the beach. Alternatively, in the season, you can take a ride down to the beach in a small shuttle bus. The beach boasts beautiful crystal clear water, great for snorkelling. There are some wonderful rocks scattered throughout the beach as well.


Playa del Cañuelo in Nerja

2. Rincon de la Victoria beach near Malaga – located in a coastal village only 12km east of Malaga. This beautiful wide sandy beach is loved by the locals. The beach boasts a lively sea promenade with some great bars and restaurants. On the minus side, Rincon de la Victoria beach tends to get very busy in July and August.

3. Misericordia beach in Malaga – one the nicest beach in the capital of Costa del Sol, 2 km long and 30 metres wide. Located on the southern outskirts of the city. Very wide beach with lots of parking space. Never overcrowded. There is a distinctive tall 19th chimney clearly seen from the beach.

4. Playa de la Playamar beach in Torremolinos – located only 7 kilometres west of Malaga Airport. Vast beach with plenty of quiet spots, however tends to get a bit crowdy during summer weekends. Kept in excellent conditions. Beautiful clean sand. Some great swimming spots.

Torremolinos beach

Torremolinos beach

6. Torre Bermeja beach in Benalmadena – wide and clean 700 metre long beach where you can enjoy sun all day long. Torre Bermeja regularly cleaned. The sand is darkish. Beach goers can rent sunbeds, umbrellas, boats, jet skis. There is a beach football and volleyball pitches prepared as well. In addition to that Torre Bermeja boasts some nice bars and restaurants.

7. Puerto Banús beach near Marbella – best beach in Puerto Banus, Marbella. Well taken care of, long, wide and family friendly. Within walking distance from the beach you will find some fantastic restaurants, bars as well as designer boutiques and jewellery shops.

Marbella Beach

Marbella Beach

8. Playa del Cristo in Estepona – located near the centre of Estepona. Unlike nearly all the beaches on the Costa del Sol that face east and south, El Cristo looks more to the west allowing for more sunshine in the evening hours. Playa del Cristo boasts mesmerizing sunsets and shallow water which is simply perfect for kids. It’s well protected from the wind as well. El Cristo would be a perfect beach were it not for it’s small size and low quality parking.

Popular El Cristo beach

Popular El Cristo beach

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