Ship in the roundabout in Estepona

Ship in the roundabout in Estepona

Estepona is a small idyllic town on Costa del Sol. It’s conveniently located half an hour drive both from Gibraltar and Marbella. This peaceful city is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Bermeja Mountains which guard Estepona from rough weather ensuring more than 320 sunny days per year.

Estepona boasts very pleaseant and well taken care of beachfront, quite close to the city centre. There is a pretty promenade lined wih palm trees and flowers, outdoor gym-fitness parks, a cycling alley, fountains and more attractions. The picturesque small bay of Playa el Christo is especially popular among families with small kids. This south facing beach with reallu shallow waters and golden sand enjoys sunshine nearly all day in summer months.

Popular El Cristo beach

Popular El Cristo beach

Estepona’s maze of streets, plazas and patios is filled with all the attractions of traditional Spanish town yet with a delicate modern international touch. One of the streets in the centre leads to the beautiful Orchidarium, a must see for flower enthuasiasts. The town also boasts an amazing collection of wall murals. Nice evening bars, restaurants with seafood, chirignuitos, clubs, or fish markets are abundand in Estepona, but you won’t find here commercial centres of colourful nighclubs.

Beachfront playground near the centre of Estepona

Beachfront playground near the centre of Estepona

Are you and your family looking for a quiet place for lazy summer holidays on Costa del Sol? If the answer is ‘Yes’, Estepona might be exactly what you are looking for. Booking accommodation in Estepona is a good choice, if you are planning golf holidays. There are a couple of courses near Estepona, or the nearby Sotogrande. Since Estepona is much closer to Gibraltar than to Malaga, flying to Gib might be the best choice.


Selwo Aventura in Estepona

Located at the entrance of Estepona, close to the main Costa del Sol road, there is the spectacular Selwo Aventura safari park. Selwo Aventura boasts more than 2000 animals from every corner of the world that live on a one million square meters site.

This popular Estepona family attraction boasts a Bird Canyon, home to rare and endangered species of birds, which is the largest natural aviary in Europe. The attractions are plentiful and varied. There is a “monkey island”, the Central Village full of large animals such as giraffes, elephants, rhinoceros and a lion, large enclosure with beautiful flamingos, amazing cave cave full of bats, the camel ride, face-painting, hanging bridges, zip line and much more!

Unlike many others safari parks and zoos, in Selwo Aventura you can get really close to the wildlife. You will surely notice small goats or peacocks roaming freely in the park. Moreover, the enclosures are large and the viewpoints located in a such a way to allow visitors approaching and observing the animals from different angles, and sometimes even to touch them.

Make sure to arrive early at Selwo Aventura, as it can take a whole day to visit the park. Take something to eat with you or buy a snack or meal in one of the restaurants inside. Selwo Aventura is a great idea for a one-day family adventure. Avoid visiting in the peak of summer, as the heat can be difficult to bear!

Estepona – nearest destinations: Sotogrande, Marbella

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Best zoos in Andalucia


Selwo Marina in Benalmadena

Spanish Andalusia boasts some top-notch zoos and sea life parks. The best thing about Andalusian wildlife parks is that the animals have amazing homes there. They are allowed to roam freely or semi freely, so to you it feels as if you were observing them in their natural habitats! That’s good news both for you and the animals of course. What is also great is that because of the pleasant southern Spanish climate, it’s possible to visit those zoos most time of the year.

Popular zoos & wild life parks in Andalucia

1. SELWO AVENTURALocated between Estepona and San Pedro. It is by far one of the most popular attractions on Costa del Sol, a remarkable piece of Africa on the Spanish coast. People from all over Eruope come to visit it, as it’s one of a kind on the Old Continent. Selwo Aventura covers nearly one million square metre site! There is a unique Canyon of the Birds, a large netted area where most fascinating birds can fly freely – there are different viewpoints to observe them.

Selwo Aventura

Selwo Aventura in Estepona

2. BIOPARC FUENGIROLA. Squeezed in the centre of the city. Before entering this Bio Parc, which looks very inconspicuous from the outside, your expectations tend to be very low. You may even decide to skip this attraction as the ticket price is quite hefty. Don’t do it, buy the ticket, you won’t regret it. Fuengirola’s Bioparc is ranked second on our list for a reason! What most people praise a lot are well-designed enclosures which are sometimes more eye-catching than the wild animals themselves! You will find here buildings styled to resemble ancient palaces, there are charming bridges, great flora all around you and some fantastic observation points. Fuengirola’s Bioparc is inhabited by a tiger, an orang-utan, a hippo, chimpanzees, lemurs and lots of other wild animals, some of which you probably haven’t seen in any other zoo.

Bioparc,Fuengirola, spain, andalucia andalusia,, costa del sol

Bioparc in Fuengirola

3. OASYS MINIHOLYWOOD – located in the Tabernas desert near Almeria. This large entertainment park  comprises of a Wild West village and a large zoo with a western background and with a number of unique species such as white tiger. All the enclosures are very spacious and well-maintained.

Oasys Miniholywood Zoo

Oasys Miniholywood Zoo

4. CASTELLAR ZOO – Castellar Zoo is quite small compared to the wild life parks ranked 1st and 2nd, however it’s very well taken care of and you get good value for money. Plus, there are some perks if you decide to pay visit. For example, right at the entrance there is a very amiable junior tiger on the leash, you can approach it, caress it and obviously take this invaluable Facebook picture!

Castellar ZOO

Castellar ZOO

5. JEREZ ZOOJerez de la Frontera boasts big top quality zoo. It’s located just outside the city. The best thing about the zoo is that the entrance fees are really cheap and it’s never overcrowded.

6. CORDOBA ZOO – average zoo located in the city centre.

7. LOBO PARK – wolf park located near Antequera in the Malaga province, close to beautiful Torcal mountains. A large place where lots of different wolves live in semi-natural conditions. The tours are very interesting and informative. It’s also possible to have a tour in English.

If you are interested in sea life and sea creatures, visit those places on Costa del Sol:

Best sea life attractions in Andalucia

1. SELWO MARINA – Amazing park located in the middle of Benalmadena with plenty of attractions including wonderful dolphin shows, penguin feeding sessions, exotic birds exhibitions and much more.

Selwo Marina in Benalmadena

Selwo Marina in Benalmadena

2. SEA LIFE AQUARIUM – Underwater park next to Benalmadena’s seafront promenade. Sea Life boasts more than 30 aquarium tanks which are home to some of the most incredible sea and ocean creatures: sharks, giant turtles, rays, seahorses, octopus, jellyfish, eels and sea otters.


Sea life Aquarium in Benalmadena

3. AQUARIUM ROQUETAS DE MAR – located in the town Roquetas de Mar near Almeria. The sea life aquarium covers 3,000 square meters. It consists of the Amazon river section, the Oceanarium, the Mediterranean room nad more. The entrance fee for an adult is 16.95 Euros.

4. CROCODILE PARK IN TORREMOLINOS – if scarry beasts such as crocs are your thing, you can’t possibly miss this place! More than 200 different crocodiles awaits your visit!